Rabu, 25 Mei 2016

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Kamis, 26 November 2015

5 Signs You Could Be The Rich

5 Signs You Could Be The Rich

5 Signs You Could Be The Rich 
Being rich is everybody's dream. In order to achieve financial independence, many people are willing taxing and mind every day.  But you know, there are a number of signs that indicate you may be rich? What are? Quoted from the pages of The Richest, Sunday (01/11/2015), the following five signs that show you would be rich:

1. Born of a wealthy family:

When you're destined born of parents who are wealthy, you will most likely live with a lot of money throughout life.  A number of studies have shown, children born of a wealthy family can produce 36 percent more money than their parents. Of course, because he gained a lot of financial support from his family.

2. Intelligence

 Intelligence can help someone make money 20 percent higher than a person with ordinary intelligence level.  Most people feel their intelligence came to me without the need to study hard. This is because intelligent people absorb some knowledge faster than an ordinary person.  Excess is what makes it able to earn more money in the future.

3. Not Popular

This point could surprise many, because most people think the jaunty easier to achieve success.  But studies have shown, children who are unpopular in school can earn 10% higher than the famous friends.  This is because parents tend to give impetus harder so that the children would go to school and go to university.  Do not have friends at school could have made it the focus of learning than other students who just hang out every day.

4. flawless shapely

Have interesting faces could make it easier to get a job. In addition, you also have more opportunities to make money. Through a research proven, the employee can make money berparas attract 9 percent higher than the employee all his life with the face of mediocrity.

5. Married

There is some evidence to suggest that getting married can help you increase personal income.According to one study, get married can make your income increased by 77 percent. Of course the money you earn will be far greater.  Couples who want to tie a more serious relationship should prepare financially after marriage to ensure the needs of children. The suit makes married couples feel the need to work harder to raise money. See also : Ways to make your child become a millionaire 

Source : http://zeroneblogg.blogspot.com/2015/11/5-signs-you-could-be-rich.html

Easy Ways to Recognize Child Learning Styles updates!

Easy Ways to Recognize Child Learning Styles

Easy Ways to Recognize Child Learning Styles
There are three types of learning styles in children, namely auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Children's success in learning, less influenced by the type of accuracy we recognize the child's learning style. One way to be able to recognize it is the finger print fingerprint test or tests, or psycho against the child.

But, in fact parents can recognize it without doing a series of tests. How to?

   1. Type of visual children, are children who will pay attention and stare at you intently, as you learn with it. Children of this type usually have a photographic memory. They generally like to draw, like pay attention to the image, and watch for signs of a natural phenomenon that occurs in the vicinity. You can stimulate them to make presentations using PowerPoint, make short videos. They are easier to memorize if they are aided by mind mapping, flowcharts, and the pictures in the books of their records. To further stimulate them, let him figure it out and explore more with the search for shapes that are being explored and showed her picture. Deficiency type of visual children are easily distracted by something moving around.

  2. Type of auditory child, is a good listener. This type is the kind of kid that a conventional, suitable school which also apply conventional way. The teacher explains to the class, and the children listened silently. According to some sources, the type of auditory children are children who are active in various discussion groups, and is able to memorize a song quickly. Children are easily distracted by auditory type noises in the vicinity.

  3. Type kinesthetic child, usually absorb information better if they are allowed to remain actively engaged. A child kinesthetic can not just quietly listening and seeing, they have to do something. While the teacher read, they will mark the important things in his book with a marker, or underlined. They will be busy creating flowcharts to describe a process, and likes to make crafts. Children kinesthetic easily distracted by everything around it, so it is sometimes referred to as a hyperactive child. Actually they just need to be helped to be more focused, and driven to finish what he had started. They are happy if given the opportunity to say their opinions and thoughts of a thing.

Sometimes three types of learning styles can be found in one child at a time, but still have only one dominant. By identifying the type of learning style, parents will easily help your child learn while in the house.

Minggu, 22 November 2015

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Senin, 09 November 2015

5 Tanda Anda Bisa Jadi Orang Kaya

Ini dia 5 Tanda Anda Bisa Jadi Orang Kaya

 5 Tanda Anda Bisa Jadi Orang Kaya

Menjadi orang kaya adalah impian semua orang. Demi mencapai kemerdekaan finansial,  banyak orang rela memeras tenaga dan pikirannya setiap sehari. Tapi tahukah Anda, terdapat sejumlah tanda yang menunjukkan Anda bisa jadi orang kaya? Apa sajakah? Dikutip dari laman The Richest, Minggu (1/11/2015), berikut 5 tanda yang menunjukkan Anda akan menjadi orang kaya:

1. Lahir dari keluarga kaya: Saat Anda ditakdirkan lahir dari orangtua yang kaya raya, Anda kemungkinan besar akan hidup dengan banyak uang sepanjang hidup. Sejumlah penelitian membuktikan, anak yang lahir dari keluarga kaya bisa menghasilkan uang 36 persen lebih banyak dari orangtuanya. Tentu saja, karena dirinya memperoleh banyak dukungan finansial dari keluarganya.  

2. Kecerdasan Kecerdasan bisa membantu seseorang menghasilkan uang 20 persen lebih tinggi daripada orang dengan tingkat kecerdasan biasa. Sebagian orang merasa kecerdasannya datang begitu saja tanpa perlu belajar keras. Hal ini karena orang cerdas menyerap sejumlah pengetahuan lebih cepat dari orang biasa. Kelebihan inilah yang membuatnya mampu menghasilkan lebih banyak uang di masa depan.  

3. Tak populer Poin ini bisa mengejutkan banyak pihak, karena sebagian besar orang mengira orang yang pandai bergaul lebih mudah mencapai kesuksesan. Tapi penelitian membuktikan, anak-anak yang tidak populer di sekolah dapat memperoleh pendapatan 10% lebih tinggi dari teman-temannya yang terkenal. Hal ini karena orangtua cenderung memberikan dorongan yang lebih keras agar anak-anaknya mau pergi ke sekolah dan masuk universitas. Tidak punya teman di sekolah bisa membuatnya lebih fokus belajar dibandingkan siswa lain yang hanya bergaul setiap hari.  

4. Berparas rupawan Memiliki wajah menarik bisa membuat Anda lebih mudah memperoleh pekerjaan. Selain itu, Anda juga memiliki lebih banyak kesempatan untuk mencetak uang. Lewat sebuah penelitian dibuktikan, para pegawai berparas menarik bisa menghasilkan uang 9 persen lebih tinggi sepanjang hidupnya dibandingkan dengan karyawan dengan wajah biasa-biasa saja.

5. Menikah Terdapat beberapa bukti yang menunjukkan bahwa menikah dapat membantu Anda meningkatkan pendapatan pribadi. Menurut sebuah penelitian, menikah dapat membuat penghasilan Anda meningkat hingga 77 persen. Tentu saja uang yang Anda hasilkan akan menjadi jauh lebih besar. Pasangan yang ingin mengikat hubungan lebih serius harus mempersiapkan keuangannya setelah menikah untuk menjamin kebutuhan anaknya. Tuntutan tersebut yang membuat pasangan menikah merasa perlu untuk bekerja lebih keras guna mengumpulkan uang.  
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 Sumber Liputan6.com (http://bisnis.liputan6.com/read/2354282/5-tanda-anda-bisa-jadi-orang-kaya)  

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